2023 Light the Fire (Winter Campout)

Dear Royal Ranger Outposts, 

Are you Ready?  Winter Camping fun is on the Horizon!  We had two years of rain (in 2018 and 2019) that literally flooded the campground; it’s not any fun camping in the down-pouring rain. Then, in 2020, we had the Campout in Dublin, due to construction going on at the campground in Pipestem.  Plans for 2021 were cancelled due to the pandemic.  Finally we had a Winter Campout last year at Pipestem. Here are the details for 2023.

Dates: February 3-5, 2023

Location: Pipestem State Park, Pipestem, WV

Cost: Each outpost is to plan their own expenses regarding the camping fee, food, gas, firewood. (I will try and get a load of wood delivered to the campground)

Campground Fee: Each outpost will pay their own campground fee of $44.99/night/site up to 6 people, $3.00/person over 6 and a maximum of 10 people per site. I will collect the fees on site from each outpost and will take care of the campground fees. All sites now have water and electricity.

Food: Each outpost will be responsible for their own meals.   A 20×30 canopy will be set up for cooking and eating.  Please bring enough camp chairs for your outpost. If you have a fold-up table, that would be very helpful.

Permission Forms:  Each outpost will need to provide their own medical and parent permission. Please have it while you are traveling and while you are at Pipestem State Park.

Patches:  Patches are being ordered; approximately $3.00 each. Patches from previous events will be $1 each.

Firewood:  We are trying to get a pickup load, with cost split by outpost.  If this is not available as a pickup load, then firewood is available for sale at the campground at $6/bundle.  All firewood used in the State Park in WV must be local to Pipestem State Park in West Virginia.   

Sled Race:  Be sure and plan for your outpost to compete in our Homemade Sled Race. Each Outpost must build their own sled.

Swimming:  The heated, indoor pool at the lodge is $4.00 per person, cash payment to the person at the swimming pool.  It is best for the leader to collect all the monies and turn the amount in for the group.

Nature Center:  Expected to be open!

Optional:  Fishing!  You must purchase a WV Fishing license at $3.00/day, $13.00 for a conservation stamp and an extra $16.00 for a Trout stamp if you want to fish for Trout only. Each person must set up their own account thru the WVDNR.gov in advance of the campout.

Please let me know as soon as possible (by December 27th) an estimate of how many people you may have attending from your Outpost, this is to assist with planning a schedule and deciding how many patches to order.  

Thanks so much,
Steve Allen
Text:  540-239-4612
Email: royalrangers1@verizon.net
Compassion Church, Radford, VA
Appalachian Conference

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