Start An Outpost

Getting Started

2013-08-02-09.35.21Starting a new Royal Rangers outpost can be an exciting time.  For church leaders who understand the value of the program and its potential impact on the lives of boys, starting a Royal Ranger program can be an invigoration experience of dreaming and vision casting of all the wonderful things God will do through your church and program.  But as with any new endeavor, the success of your new outpost will depend largely on the foundations you lay during those early days of planning and preparation.

Far too often, great ideas and exciting plans later fall by the wayside largely due to inadequate preparations early on.  In order to insure your program begins will a strong foothold please consider the following process for starting your program.

Additional information can be found in our Quick Start Guide, also available as a printed resource (item #729146). For a complete startup process, visit

Enlist Your Leaders

2013-02-23-14.35.47Any thriving Royal Rangers ministry is built on the foundation of strong and committed leaders. Spend time in prayer and listen to the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to lead you into conversations with key men in your church who understand the value of mentoring the next generation.

Remember that vision is much more compelling than the tasks that will be completed. Lead with the vision of changing the destiny of the boys! Screen them as you would any adult working with children and youth, and start their training immediately. We recommend your leaders finish Ready and Safety levels before launch.

Chartering Your Outpost

Chartering is a unique and beneficial program that allows churches to receive discounts and exclusive resources when they register (charter) their Royal Rangers program with the national office. Chartering provides important information to the national Royal Rangers ministry that enables them to monitor and shape the success and well-being of Royal Rangers and supports the ongoing development and improvement of the ministry.

For additional information on chartering visit the National Royal Rangers main chartering page or  chartering FAQ page.

Plan Your Journey

Review the seven experiences of the journey and decide how to apply each to your church setting.

Gather Your Resources

The following resources represent what you will need to start.

100_3895For each age group:

For each leader:

For each boy:

Launch Your Outpost

Promote and launch your program using the activities, Bible lessons, and leadership development resources available in TRaCclub.

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