Do I Have What It Takes to Be A Godly Man? Find Out at the 2022 NRMC!

If you haven’t attended a National Ranger Ministry Camp, NOW is the time! The next camp is coming up September 16-18 in Brackney, PA.

Here’s some information about the time, place, and how to register:

September 16-18, 2022
Arrowhead Bible Camp in Brackney, PA
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What is NRMC and why should I attend?

National Rangers Ministry Camp (NRMC) provides instruction in leading exciting outpost activities. Each man will be introduced to the following activities: archery, art, air rifle, contemporary camping, computers, drama, music, team building initiatives, trades, and Ranger Derby. Additionally, participants experience what it means to be a boy-lead, adult-facilitated outpost, using the team/patrol system. Most importantly, participants are challenged spiritually to live a life of godly manhood and servant leadership. Every leader will be able to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes to be a godly man?”

To give you a better idea of what NRMC offers, here’s a YouTube clip showing some highlights from a past NRMC in Whiteford, MD: