Rangers Now (National Newsletter): October 2016

The official newsletter of the National Royal Rangers Ministries.
October 2016

Saying Farewell to Steve Schultz

Steve Schultz came to the Royal Rangers national office in 1999 as the productions coordinator. One of his major responsibilities was planning and executing the evening services at National Camporama and National Rendezvous. Although many of his duties have changed throughout the years, he has continued to oversee the evening services at these events.

Steve has always enjoyed begin involved in his local outpost in California and later when he moved to Missouri. Although his travel schedule didn’t allow for much interaction with his local outpost in recent years, Steve has a heart to mentor. This made him a great choice as national training coordinator. Under Doug Marsh and Steve Schultz, National Ranger Ministry Camp (NRMC) and National Elementary Education Conference (NEEC) were created. Together, they dreamed of an event that took the best parts of National Training Camps (NTC) and added deep, spiritual manhood sessions so that leaders could connect to God in a setting with other men that would help them to become better men—better husbands, better fathers, better leaders, and better mentors. For any man who has attended a NRMC, you would say, “Mission accomplished.”

Our office announced over a year and a half ago that Steve would be leaving our office to take the training coordinator position with Royal Rangers International (RRI), which also meant he would become a full-time missionary. We have now come to that bittersweet moment when we have to say, “Goodbye.” He has been such a blessing to the national staff both professionally and personally. However, we are so excited to see what God has in store for him as he tackles international training to create events and experiences that will grow and change leaders around the world.

It’s Chartering Season
It’s chartering season for Royal Rangers. Every year around this time, the national office receives the following questions: “Why do we charter? What is the need to charter?” These are important questions, and understanding the reasons is vital. There are many benefits to chartering to the district and national organizations and to the local outpost.Organizationally, chartering strengthens the ministry. Chartering your church, leaders, and boys gives the district and national offices vital metrics for measuring and evaluating the strength and success of the ministry’s outreach and influence. Annual numbers from chartering give the ministry a benchmark to know the numbers of boys and leaders who are in the program. It also helps the ministry identify areas of strength and areas that may need more attention in the coming years.


National Camporama a Great Success!

Men and boys from across the nation made the journey to Camp Eagle Rock for the 2016 National Camporama and, according to many, it was the best Camporama ever! From water sports to laser tag, soccer tournaments to zip lines, there was always a new adventure to be had at National Camporama.

Every four years Royal Rangers come together for a great time of fellowship and activities uniquely designed for guys. This Camporama featured a message each evening from our national director, Karl Fleig, challenging us to “Live the Adventure” of the Christlike life.

National Camporama also included a number of Royal Rangers from other nations who came to enjoy the Camporama experience at Camp Eagle Rock.


Visit our Facebook page to see a gallery of photos of National Camporama.https://www.facebook.com/RoyalRangersUSA/

Changes to the Role of the GMA

Important changes to the advancement system have been implemented that effect the Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) and the Adventure Rangers advancement trail. These changes have been made in an effort to retain the prominence of the GMA within the advancement system while retaining the structure of the current Adventure Rangers advancement trail.

A transition period through the end of 2016 has been established during which boys may earn the GMA under either the old 2010 system or the new 2016. But after December 31st of 2016, only GMA earned under the new system will be awarded.

For details, visit the “2016 Advancement System Changes” page on the national Royal Rangers website.


Mt. Kilimanjaro – Davis Adventure in September 2016

Royal Rangers across the nation and around the world often find new and exciting ways to “live the adventure” of the Christlike life. Roger Davis, a Royal Rangers leader from Hope, Arkansas, joined his two sons, Chris and Phillip, on an adventure of a lifetime—climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain peak in the entire continent of Africa. Here’s their story.

“Our adventure began in July 2015. Phillip invited me and his brother to join him on this great adventure. After selecting a tour company and making the arrangements, our strength and endurance training program began. For five days a week for an entire year, we lifted weights and did cardio workouts to get our bodies into shape for our Kilimanjaro adventure.”

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