Rangers Now (National Newsletter): November 2016


Warm weather opens more than doors and windows; it opens the opportunity to build memories and make an impact. Mentoring a boy doesn’t just happen in a classroom.

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The official newsletter of the National Royal Rangers Ministries
November 2016

Mentoring Boys into Future Men

Gender-Specific Ministry Proves Vital
By Karl Fleig

Recently a 4-year-old boy proudly shared his newfound revelation on life: “Girls are differenter than boys!”

We all can smile at this often played-out scenario in children’s ministry. We can see the wheels turning as his young mind grapples with the revelation that the other gender not only looks and dresses differently but has different interests in toys, conversational topics, and play modes. Those differences, while influenced somewhat by society and culture, are innate in every gender from birth.

Many children’s ministries leaders know that incorporating learning styles and age-appropriate activities allow them to better disciple children. Research now bears out that when the gender of the child and the unique needs of that gender are factored into the programming and discipleship approaches by those ministries, they can have an even higher level of effectiveness.


Rangers workshop track will be highlighted for Royal Rangers leaders.

2017 National Training Events
The national training team is excited to begin 2017 with the training events below. We anticipate having a strong year of training with a full schedule of National Ranger Ministry Camps, National Elementary Education Conferences, and World-Class Outpost Conferences.


2017–2018 Master’s Toolbox Project: Royal Rangers International
By Marshall Bruner
For the next two years, the national Royal Rangers office will present Master’s Toolbox projects that will assist Royal Rangers International with initiatives to strengthen existing ministry overseas and to plant new outposts internationally.



Save the Date: National LEAD Conference

The 2017 National Royal Rangers LEAD Conference will take place on March 16–18 at the University Plaza Hotel in Springfield, Missouri. The hotel served as the host for this event for several years prior to the event being moved to Dallas and we are excited to return to this luxurious hotel.

Christmas Crafts for Boys

During the holiday season your boys have a great opportunity to make fun things to share with others. Here are some simple, low-cost craft ideas you can do with your Ranger Kids or Discovery Rangers.



Rangers Gifts

Check out these gift ideas for the Royal Ranger in your life.

Royal Ranger Derby

Check out these supplies for your Ranger Derby cars and race.

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