2016 Kanawha Chapter Spring Trace

April 22, 2016 – April 23, 2016 all-day
Garrison Ln
Waverly, WV 26184
Dave Holbert

The 2016 Kanawha Chapter of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship will be holding the Spring Trace in Waverly, WV 26184. If’n ya’ll have any candidates for Frontiersman or Buckskin please send a completed application to Dave Holbert at daveholbert@frontier.com before March 1, 2016 so we can prepare for the Adventure.

The $40.00 application fee will be collected at the Trace. Candidates can bring a modern tent and will be camping separate from the FCF village. If’n ya are a being ready for Buckskin or the Wilderness Vigil please speak to one of the District Staff for directions for applyin fer that. If’n you ain’t got nobody ready but are interested in what be a goin on. Please come and visit us fer a spell on Saturday of’n the trace.

For those FCF members who are a comin, the cost of the trace will be $30.00 if you tell us before March 1, 2016 – if’n you don’t speak up and says you are a comin then it will cost ya $35.00 after March 1. If’n you want to be a competing then just bring a frontier possible (primitive prize for your costume or camp use such as a knife, flint & steel kit, lantern, shirt, etc) to be a placin on the blanket. The winners will be a chosen a prize from the lot on the blanket so’s at the end of the competitions everyone will be a winner.

We will be a need’n some help on the competitions – so’s let Clarence or me know what ya kin hep with: Knife throwin, hawk throwin, shootin, costume , flint and steel. This will be a primitive camp fer a tent and with a path to the outhouse. Water and wood will be available. You will be responsible for your lodging / food / and cooking gear so come prepared. The emergency number for the property is 304-679-5514.

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