2016 Kanawha Chapter Fall Trace

October 21, 2016 – October 23, 2016 all-day
Bluestone Lake State Park
WV 25951
$30 ($35 after 9/1)
Dave Holbert

The 2016 Kanawha Chapter of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship will be holding the Fall Trace at Bluestone Lake State Park in Hinton, WV 25951. We will camp in the Old Mill Campground area. The Old Mill site is primitive but offers a central bathhouse with cold showers. We are tryin a new approach for this Fall Trace, we will not have an Adventure but we are invitin all FCF age boys (must be in 5th grade or graduated from 5th grade) and leaders not yet in FCF to come and see what we do at a Trace (there will be a separate camping area for “modern” tents away from the FCF village.

The FCF members will be holdin regular competitions for FCF prizes (sorry greenhorns may not participate in these) and will hold special frontier style competitions for any “Greenhorns” that shows up for regular camping prizes. This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of FCF. We are honored to have our National FCF President Paul “Grey Owl” Walters II as our honored speaker, you will not want to miss this. If’n ya are a being ready for Buckskin or the Wilderness Vigil please speak to one of the District Staff for directions for applyin fer that.

For those who are a comin, the cost of the trace will be $30.00 if you tell us before September 1, 2016 – if’n you don’t speak up and says you are a comin then it will cost ya $35.00 after September 1. FCF Members If’n you want to be a competing then just bring a frontier possible (primitive prize for your costume or camp 2 use such as a knife, flint & steel kit, lantern, shirt, etc) to be a placin on the blanket. The winners will be a chosen a prize from the lot on the blanket so’s at the end of the competitions everyone will be a winner. If’n you are a “greenhorn” just bring yourself – the Kanawha Chapter will provide prizes for non-FCF members. FCF members will provide demonstrations, instruction and tools for competition and will run the competitions for the “greenhorns”. No greenhorns will be in competition areas without an FCF member present. FCF Members we will be a need’n some help on the “greenhorn” competitions – so’s let me know what ya kin hep with: Knife throwin, hawk throwin, shootin, costume , flint and steel. I will also look for volunteers to give abbreviated classes similar to Adventure classes. This will be a primitive camp fer a shelter or tent and with a path to the outhouse. Water and wood should be available. You will be responsible for your lodging / food / and cooking gear so come prepared. For simplification purposes all greenhorns may eat with their outpost FCF members in the FCF village. The emergency number for the park is 304-658-4386.

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